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Recent reviews

Authentic Arabic Tobacco - Turbo Dokha Available in the UK

Dokha (Arabic: دوخة, “Vertigo”) is an Arabian tobacco blend, consisting of dried and finely shredded tobacco mixed with leaves, bark and herbs. The tobacco product is popular in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan, and other Middle Eastern countries. It typically has a very high nicotine content, so users will usually smoke a small amount at a time. Unlike hookah tobacco, or shisha, dokha is not cured with molasses.

Who Are We?

We are a UK based company that imports all of our dokha straight from the main companies in the UAE. Currently we offer Bin Khumery’s Turbo and T-Rex blends, however we will be working on importing other brands in the future so keep checking back.

We are physically based in Glasgow, Scotland  so come in and see us for the best deals. We ship to all cities over the UK, Ireland and Mainland Europe. For UK addresses, we offer next day delivery (if ordered before 3:30pm Monday – Thursday) and Saturday delivery (if ordered before 1:30pm Friday). Ireland and Europe customers expect 3 – 5 days for delivery. 

For any questions, get in touch with us through WhatsApp (07563944868) or fill out our contact form.

How to Smoke Dokha

If you are a beginner, it is highly advised that you sit down during your first experience with Dokha.

Once you have your medwakh and Dokha in hand, carefully tip your chosen blend into the bowl and tamp the Dokha down.

Now for the main event; breathe out, light the bowl and inhale normally. Hold this for about 5 seconds and take your second hit without exhaling your first and hold this for another 5 seconds. Take your third hit but this time hold it in for as long as you can before exhaling everything.

You will then be experiencing the buzz of Dokha!

Medwakh Care

Keeping your medwakh clean is essential if you want to truly enjoy your dokha experience. All you need are pipe cleaners, a filter tip and a paper towel.

Start by removing the old filter tip and use the paper towel to clean the mouth end. Insert the pipe cleaner through the mouth end to clear out chamber. Blow through the pipe to remove all dislodged buildup. Repeat this as often as necessary.

Use another pipe cleaner to scrape the bowl clean and then swab the bowl to pick up any buildup. Finally, blow through the pipe and then insert the new filter.


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